Le Village Buffet Le Village Buffet
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
"Minna Kim"
I went to this buffet back when the Paris hotel and casino was brand new. The buffet was amazing and had loads of delicious choices back then. I went back to the buffet on Christmas, just a few days ago with high expectations. It's definitely not the same. While the buffet was alright, it wasn't as high quality as it used to be, especially for approximately $45 per person. The crab legs are rather small and are served super salty and cold-and that's if you can get any as there are a good handful of people who don't have buffet etiquette and take massive platefuls at a time, leaving nothing for everyone else. The prime rib was good when I got it the first time around the buffet but the second time I got a slice, the entire slice of meat was raw (almost mooing). I would recommend waiting in line for the crepes, they were worth the line. Do not bother standing in that awful line! Make sure to make a reservation online on open table or by calling.