Meortoyone RedTidelwave
Sky City Casino Hotel Sky City Casino Hotel
Acoma, New Mexico
"Meortoyone RedTidelwave"
This place used to be a lot of fun,about 15 years ago.They had a great staff and security, it was easy access to get in and out of the place and back then they had more card games and a better selection of SLOT$,we're you could actually win once in a while, and you didn't need points really, because most importantly back then they new how to TREAT their customers and would go above and beyond that to a valued customer.I personally believe one of the worst decisions they made was making all the dealers split their tips. That should be against the law gratuity is for doing a great job and being professional, it's not to be shared with other people it's a tip for yourself.that just one of the reasons why that place sucks now,and also now the machines they have are EXPENSIVE and THEY NEVER PAY OUT....... If they do it's not enough to amount to a hill of beans. .