Nove Italiano Nove Italiano
Restaurant @ The Palms Casino Resort
Wow! What an experience. As expected, the view was spectacular. It was amazing watching the sunset then seeing the casinos come to life as the daylight faded away. The food was fantastic, and the cheesecake was DIVINE! Best I've ever had. Seriously, it blew me away. The real quality that stood out most however, was the incredible service and hospitality. These people are so focused and attentive, but not at all in the typical annoying fashion you get at a lot of other restaurants. Anytime we needed anything, they were there in a heartbeat. We were treated almost like royalty, and I kind of felt bad because they were working so hard! This place by far provided the best service I've ever had. It really was a one of a kind experience, and every single person who works there deserves much more than 5 stars.