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Restaurant @ Oaklawn Park
"AK Gordari"
From a patron stance. The only appealing thing about the race side is the actual horses and the racing. It's not really my type of environment. The racing side is overly crowded (on big event days) and the stench of smoke, beer, and smelly dust amongst other things just isn't inviting. From a domesticated stance. If you're dealing with terrible customer service it's definitely trickling down from the terrible management. The race track side of this establishment is ran VERY poorly. The staff in the Jockey Club are beyond unprofessional, including part of the office staff. I've seasonally helped out here sporadically for many years, but worked in a different area and under a different admin in previous years. This is definitely the worst this far and definitely my last season. They wonder why they can't get people to work. It's not the work, it's because of them! It wasn't until last year that I came to this area of the establishment and discovered how badly managed and unprofessional this place is. Realizing why it has such a high turnover. It's a very bigoted, superiority, and hierarchy environment. The way the staff treats and talks to other employees is beyond disgusting. They scream, holler, curse, and behave like miscreants.There was even an incident where one of the office employees allowed their husband, which is not employed by Oaklawn, holler at an employee and get in that employee's face. If you don't allow them to mistreat you, then they try to target you. They're like a bunch of high school bullies, but in their 50's and 60's. You expect it from the younger workers, but the older ones are just as bad or worse. How miserably sad. Reaching out to HR about it is pointless. That's all. And that's putting it all short and refined.