Prime Steakhouse Prime Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Bellagio
"Michelle Matiya"
My husband and I vacationed in Las Vegas for our honeymoon. We made reservations at Prime and couldn't wait to dine at an acclaimed restaurant. While the service we received was excellent and the view on the patio was incredible, the food was subpar. I ordered a medium rare New York Strip. Steak that is cooked beyond medium rare should be a crime. Any decent steakhouse should recognize that. When I received my entree, it looked decent, but once I cut into it I realized it was terribly overcooked. There wasn't a hint of pink throughout the whole cut. It was dry and, quite honestly, a huge waste of money. Additionally, during one of the fountain shows, an employee of the restaurant stood at the table in front of us through the entire show (and well after). He appeared to be catching up with the group after years of not seeing each other. Regardless of the subject of their conversation, it put a damper on our experience. I wanted to love this place. However, based on my experience, it appears to be very overrated. Save yourself the trouble - there are countless other places to watch the fountain show and get a better meal in Vegas.