Blazing Noodles Blazing Noodles
Restaurant @ Pechanga Resort & Casino
"Teri Kron"
My first time there, Pechanga Casino was large than life--just like I was told it is! Three levels of gaming, stunning architecture, and colorful lights that always draw me in, Pechanga didn't disappoint . Except when it came to actually winning anything. Given $5 play credit when I signed up for their members loyalty club, I used my one free spin to win $7.00. Didn't take long to lose it all by putting it all in in one single bet. At one point I was up $16 .I wish I had called out then. If that had been, I'd be eating lunch in one of their fancy restaurants right now. But instead of doing that, I am waiting for my partner in comec to lose all his money so we can head home.