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Apr 17 '18 at 18:05

The Dakota Grill

Just horrible. We ordered online for some of us in the office I work at and over half of our orders were wrong. Just about every single burrito bowl was missing just about all of the ingredients that were supposed to be included. One of them looked like the saddest meal ever: rice, meat with a little bit of sour cream drizzled on top. There was supposed to be 7 more ingredients on it! They did offer to remake them but since we were at work we were already out of time on our lunch breaks. He offered to refund some of our money but he claims he could only do $15. Over half of our meals were wrong, $15 barely even covers one meal! On another meal the pork was so salty, it was impossible to eat. This isn't this first time something like this has happened with them. As a business and personally, we will never order from here again.