Clubhouse Deli Clubhouse Deli
Restaurant @ Ellis Park
"Antti Plathan"
You need to know this place to get there, it's not really visible from the street. It's located in a corner, but the restaurant is more spacious from the inside than what it looks from the outside. We went to the Weiss for a late breakfast. My friend had a serving of strawberry pancakes. The portion was absurdly large. If you are not American, be prepared for a shock. And if you are American, stop for a moment to think how wasteful is to have such supersized portions. Most of the strawberries were buried inside the batter which makes them less delicious than the fresh ones that were on the top of the pancake pile. Nonetheless, they were delicious, but two thirds of the serving went to trash after we were finished. I had hash browns with fried pastrami. I asked pickles on the side, and they were top notch. When out server brought my plate, I was really disappointed because I was expecting a different looking dish. This one didn't look much, but the taste was super delicious. Even though my portion was big, it wasn't similarly oversized as the pancakes. I happily finished my plate till the last morsel. Would come again.