Kye Fremont
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"Kye Fremont"
One of the slot machines accepted a voucher, said it was validating and then did nothing. It took my voucher and gave me no credit. The attendant who came over was obviously put out and very busy, which was made perfectly clear. I said no problem and waited, and waited, and waited. The attendant then came over and questioned me as if I was being interrogated for some high crime. The attendant, before opening the machine, went 15 feet over to a newer machine and began servicing that one. Maybe that one broke down first. Another lengthy wait and I finally left the casino. My time and peace of mind are far more valuable than a little over $100. I have no issue with the attendant as they were very busy. For me, I guess I just lost my money quicker than normal and probably saved a couple hundred dollars by leaving when I did.