Diamond Deli Diamond Deli
Restaurant @ Tropicana Evansville
"Janet Bodenheimer"
I was anxious to come play in the new casino, but it was terrible. You sent me money to play on but I lost it almost immediately. I then put $115 of my money in slots but never won enough money to continue to play on. I have never been so disappointed in my life. I may never come back. You did send us two free buffets and we ate at The Kitchen, delicious food. Our free overnight stay was really nice too, but it is not worth our time to drive there from LaGrange, KY. I am so depressed about this trip. In fact my husband may never bring me back unless you can make it worth while. To top all this, you charged me $17.25 resort charge when we checked out today. This charge is not acceptable to us. Hope you can all your ducks in a row and offer me something to make us want to come back. Let's see if you post this review.