Grand Buffet
Restaurant @ Grand Casino Mille Lacs
"Zachary Fenhaus"
The man who I paid on the way in was rude. The women who showed me my booth was rude. Every one working was in a bad mood. The group of waitresses near my table were gathered wrapping napkins around silverware gossiping about something that was clearly upsetting everyone. When we ran out of beverages the 5 wait staff dealing with the napkins ignored my attempts at grabbing their attention. The first plate I grabbed had food on the bottom that made my hand greasy, I put the plate back behind the Asian line. The food was very disappointing, nothing was fresh. The website highlights the fresh fruit, I was only able to find cantaloupe and pineapple that was no where near fresh, I would bet money that the pineapple was from a can. This buffet was over priced and a joke.