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"Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club"
Beware if you or a friend were recruited by FDIC. They will put you into a war zone you can not imagine. Stunning injections lobotomies. California was and is a war zone in federal banking regulation. Murders rapes maiming frame ups. Loomis Sacramento Robbery 1999 was my only clue and I was warned not to work as a bank examiner by my accounting professor. I was hit the first day until the last day for a year. Throat slit and escaped robbery I forgot for 18 years I went to the navy in 1983 and I and a friend got exposed. He got nuke exposure but did not see the stun inject nuke stealth warfare I did. F the fed. Waffle House looks better when shot by a guy in a mask. You can not sue for workers compensation if your brain is knocked out for 18 years Google plus kurt brown saint ram bone mobile audit club