Iron Rail Café Iron Rail Café
Restaurant @ Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino
"Tiffany R. Laskey Brown"
The staff at the Pass is quite friendly & very attentive. I go to the Pass at least 3-4 times a week. One thing I really love is that there is very little turn over as far as employees go. The same group of staff is always so personable & happy to see us when we arrive. Another huge plus is the casino floor workers. They are always visible; constantly walking around, making sure everything is ok & everyone is enjoying their time with them. One of the best examples of exceptional service & amazing work ethic is Bill, or as most affectionately refer to him as, "Big Bill." I have seen him work his magic on several occasions diffusing volatile & what seemed impossible a situation but with ease Bill was able to get things resolved & all parties to calm down. The food at the Pass is pretty good, my favorite being the buffet with an assortment of fresh produce, hot food being cooked to near perfection & a smorgasbord of dessert options to give you that "happy ending" we all hope for!