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Apr 20 '18 at 8:03

Kitchen at Treasury

Kavan Arambepola
Should have checked out the reviews before coming here. Terrible terrible service. Our sober group of 8 not only had to wait over an initial half an hour for our food, but they stuffed up our simple order 3 times, having to wait even longer. It seems that the staff don't even know their own menu. I'm pretty sure the waitress who handed out our wrong meals was on some hallucinogen. I also asked for our table to be served water more than once, no refills on water apparently. After the last dish finally came roughly an hour after we received the wrong meal by a very rude guy with a chef hat, I asked the waitress if I was able to speak to the manager to raise this issue, nothing. Manager was missing in action or hiding. But they were more than happy to take away our plates before we were even done. Half of us had gotten our plates taken away before the other half of us received our meals. Not a good look for the casino, places like this make us the laughing stock to tourists, hang your heads in shame.