Galaxy Restaurant
Restaurant @ MSC Cruises - MSC Melody
"Barry Sawyer"
I've been a patron of Galaxy pizza for the last 2 years while the restaurant was located next to target, in the Coral Ridge Mall plaza. I googled Galaxy this evening to place an order the way I have done on many occasions, because obviously, I love the pizza. I don't know what's going on now, whether there is new management or whatever the case is, but my experience was so irritating that it forced me to write a review. First of all the website shows the special for Monday and Tuesday even though no one in the place seems to know it and are under the assumption it's Tuesday and Wednesday. The guy who took my order honored it because it's on the website, great!!! I ordered the food and my wife drove over from downtown Fort Lauderdale to pick it up(FYI the restaurant is not on her way home). We live in Margate/Coral Springs area so it's not like we can just swing by and pick something up. She got to the new location and no one seemed to know about the special listed on the website or the fact that I ordered it over the phone with a live person working in the new location. I will no longer place orders with Galaxy in the future, needless to say I am incredibly disappointed because I have loved the food and the customer experience for the last few years. If there is a new owner I truly hope he/she reads this and gets things on track asap because the place was truly a gem. -Lost Customer