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Restaurant @ Norwegian Jewel
"Edward Simek"
Now this is Miami hospitality at it's best. Rumor had it I was here for a musical festival. It felt like a family get together. Johan (Joe-han) showed me around the place in less than 5 minutes after walking in the door. Unlike any other humidors, the place is well ventilated. The customers were just as hospitable. Coffee flows from the espresso machine like water and there was Sangria for the occassion. The home rolled cigars are a must have. They're very proud of their heritage with rollers having been rollers since childhood into their 80s. Most "home rolled" cigar brands are always risky to me because of the way the cigar is rolled and you always wind up with a half burning cigar. Not these. They burn even right to the last puff. To nub or not to nub. Nub, you won't regret it. The rocking chairs are very comfortable and if you can't find what you're looking for here, you need to stop smoking cigars. Reasonably priced, cheaper than I could find at home in specialty shops. Stop here, wait no, stay here for half an evening and you'll wind up there all night. I literally felt like I was in Havana, started there at 6, and didn't leave until almost 11.