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Feb 13 '18 at 15:21

Clubhouse Dining

Tim Dwyer
Made reservations for a party of 10 people including one booster seat. We were given a nice semi-private room on the side. That was the last good thing to happen. The waiter started out taking our drink orders and delivering them one at a time. By the time he got around the table the older kids had finished their sodas and there was no water on the table. We then started ordering dinner and it went down hill from there. We started with the kids menu and it was a the normal burger or chicken fingers except for the 2 year old. She doesn't eat burgers or processed food, so the parents just wanted plain steamed shrimp or plain pasta. The waiter went to the kitchen and came back saying that 4 shrimp would be $16.00 and that the pasta would take 20 minutes to make????? No choice but get the shrimp and pay the ransom. The adult meals were fair at best and some were just bad. I asked for the beef to be done medium rare and it came out well done. When I went to send it back I was told that was the last one and no credit for it. Last time we went it was bad but we figured SoDel took over so lets try it. WRONG