Houlihan's Houlihan's
Restaurant @ Mystique Casino
"brian stevens"
Terrible waiting for owner to contact, do not go here!!!!!! Was told i was drunk we ordered 1 beer after sitting down. Told us we were over served please leave....... she was trying to leave an hour early mad because we sat down late on a slow night. I am a Hilton diamond member have never been treated like this anywhere in the world. Will follow up with owner or franchise as this was an attempt to cover up a bad idea of the server to leave early by demeaning us, and an 10 minute conversation with her young night manager was a sad attempt to cover her fault. There were two other people in the entire restaurant, aside from us. His defense of her stupidity was that multiple reports had come in that we were loud and she had to do it. I asked her in front of him if we were loud or belligerent in any way, she looked down and said no you were not. I have traveled the world for ten years Hilton diamond evert year, never even heard of a story like this. Houlihans ownership needs to contact me soon this is unacceptable