Infinity Buffet Infinity Buffet
Restaurant @ Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel
"Zeb Arundel"
This place is less than one star. Whoever the people rating this place more than 1 star are on the take. First, the help (servers, hostesses, and cooks) are less than friendly and the food was less than fresh. Not one of the shrimp were deveined and the fried shrimp were soft and had the texture of store bought. There wasn't any good tastes here only bad and sub-par at best. The casino is beat down and my buddy and I should have ran when we saw the exterior however, we made the wrong choice and entered. The inside of the casino is even more beat down than the outside (its painted pink and reminds me of the casino in the movie based in the 70's Casino). To end this, stay away save your money along with your guts.