Stephanie Tiegs
Oneida Mason Street Casino Oneida Mason Street Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Stephanie Tiegs"
I was not impressed with the casino Personnel that came outside to tell me that I couldn't Park in a gold member spot. I have a gold membership however I needed to get my parking pass replaced and explained it to the gentleman but he still was rude so instead of going in and getting my pass I left. In my experience with customer service throughout the years there is a certain way people deserve to be approached. If you don't approach them with a friendly attitude and correct their behaviors with confidence they will dismiss your business and Report the negativity two others. When you have a bad experience it's true you tell 10 people and they tell their friends ixalan when you have a good experience you tend to keep it to yourself I like to pass on the good rather than the bad however this was simply rude behavior on the staffs part.