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Jan 31 '18 at 2:05

Emeril's Chop Shop

Never trust a food establishment who can't put the side dishes on with the entree. I think they were trying to compensate for the high prices. (Sides also cost extra) We had 7 people and they took us to a table for 5. Then they took us to a waiting area only to bring us back to the EXACT SAME table with 2 extra chairs added to it. It was uncomfortable and I felt crowded the entire meal. I ordered my steak medium rare and had to send it back because it was over cooked. I had to stretch over the top of my steak plate to eat the side dish (that had to be ordered separately) and was located in the middle of the table because there was no room next to my plate. Food didn't suck but this experience was awkward and uncomfortable. Especially for what it cost.