Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck
Restaurant @ Downtown Grand
"Rocco Barboni"
Seems brand new, or at least a recent remodel. I'm told it was the old Lady Luck hotel... but very happy with my experience. Room was clean, bed comfortable, hotel staff pleasant... my only two issues were the pillows offered and noise from Fremont. They were nice enough to leave earplugs, which were necessary to sleep. I have neck issues and asked for another pillow but they only have really large ones, so I had to sleep those nights without a pillow. They would have received 5 stars otherwise. I still don't understand the resort fees when all that means is "here's 2 more free water bottles". Seems like a "well they get away with it, so can we" fee. You have to add that $23 fee to the overall room price to know if you're getting a good deal.