Opera Bar Opera Bar
Restaurant @ Costa Cruises - Costa Romantica
"A Google User"
This place is unbelievable. The fat door men don't even recognize Hollywood names. They merely base your entrance on whether or not you have a hot woman. If you have a male friend coming to meet you at the club, he will never get in. I tried to go meet him at the door, and they physically held me back. Then I had TWO of my promoter friends go to bring him in. No luck! Either they have a vendetta against rich blond single jewish men, or they are as ignorant as they appear (Thug like Jug-Head doormen). I am young, beautiful, with money, and will never go there again. I left yelling over my shoulder "See you never." I am disgusted with their incompetence and lack of ability to let rich men in to entertain all the cheap women that they allow to enter easily. P.S. All the positive reviews below were written by promoters, as they drunkenly admitted to me.