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Restaurant @ Jupiters Hotel & Casino
"Alan Ngov"
Poor service from the assistant manager. When we arrived we were greeted by the assistant manager and told they were fully booked and we weren't on his list. We indeed had a booking. He said perhaps you booked the upstairs restaurant. We went up there thinking there was another section of room81, but nope, sent on a wild goose chase. We rang the booking phone line again and they confirmed we definitely had a booking and to go back down there. When we did the assistant manager didnt seem to want to deal with us and basically ignored us. He sent another waiter to seat us eventually after getting off the phone and working out he hadn't downloaded the latest bookings for the evening. They have a thing called computers these days. Seems to be a fundamental essential of taking bookings and offering service. After 15-20 minutes we were expecting him to come to apologise for the incident, but to no avail. He seemed intent on ignoring us for the rest of the evening. We eventually complained to the waitress enough for him to come over and make an apology. Never heard from him again for the rest of the night. We had the 5 course summer meal. Food was ok but not quite upto sofitel standards. They ran out of the duck which seemed to be the signature main dish. The lamb bacon seemed to be over cooked. Overall perhaps the incident at beginning put a dampener on the entire evening. The gave us our drinks complimentray, but we should have gone with our first instinct and got up and left when the manager didnt come to apologise in the beginning. Would not go back there.