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May 5 '18 at 2:32


Kimberly Lockwood
I'm very disappointed with Baldinis! I asked multiple of their employees before ordering at their grill if our kids were allowed to eat their and all of them said yes. We proceeded to order and got our food and began to find a place to eat. At the this time we were now told we could not eat there since it was 21+ (again, I made sure to ask first!) Although I was upset we went to their restaurant and asked if we could sit and eat there so my family could finish our meal and were told we could not! My family was forced to go eat in the parking lot. This is downright ridiculous. Not only was it embarrassing to a paying customer but does this business not have respect for children and or families? I understand it's a casino which is why I made sure to ask first. I will never give establishment my business and will be telling many others of my upsetting experience!