Edgar Dumlao
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Playa Panama
"Edgar Dumlao"
I can only speak about the restaurant experience. Went to Wednesday lunch at the World Cafe restaurant. Happened to be serving Filipino food. The neat aspect that they do is a Sinigang Bar and you can choose your meat and veggie fixings to order. The food selections are ample, especially the desserts and halo halo bar. On the other hand, what was perturbing was that they advertise lechon, however what the restaurant failed to do is assign an employee that can carve the lechon into portions. As a result those that arrive later, and I mean later as in 30 minutes after opening, the roast pig is devoured and there are no crispy skin left, which everyone knows is the most coveted part of the roast Pig. What happens is that people feel like they need to hoard the food and take more than their own share. This leaves the rest of the patrons in the dust and not able to enjoy the roast Pig. The restaurant needs to do better in making sure this is rectified. It's no different than having a Carving Station where someone carves roast beef for you. The restaurant should at least post a sign in front of the pig that remind those greedy guests to take only what they can consume.