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Apr 24 '18 at 13:04

Choco Mini-Market

This is a great store. It's kind of like a boutique grocery store, something out of New York, and a carry out restaurant were all put together. They have hard to find items, fresh fish off the boat, fantastic Meats, cook to order pizza and Stromboli, a great bakery, well-stocked Deli and fantastic prepared foods. Very nice wine selection. The quality is always perfect. Discovered this place a few years back and have never been disappointed. I called once to send a couple bags of groceries as a gift and they delivered it perfectly and picked out great cuts of steak, fish, wine and sides.... And it beat the heck out of some flowers and a cheap vase. No matter how long you plan on staying there, you'll always end up lingering longer because you'll discover something new and the pace is more relaxing. I love this store! By the way, every single staff member over all the years and all the visits have been professional, kind and courteous. Just go!