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Oct 6 '17 at 18:50

Ice Bar

Warning: overpriced tourist trap. Had seen this advertised somewhere and we stumbled across it one evening. Thought it would be a good laugh, so we took the 2 cocktails each deal. Walked in and immediately began to regret it. It's basically a small room with everything made of ice. Ice seats, ice bar, ice glasses, and a couple of ice sculptures. Cocktails were small, tasteless, and had next to no booze in them. Front of house staff were nice and friendly, but barman was a total bore. Not allowed to take your camera in because apparently it would break, but of course a photographer comes to take your picture so you can buy it on the way out. Left as quickly as we could due to it being such a boring place. I have no idea who this would appeal to, or what they could do to make it better... perhaps making it pay on exit based on how much fun you had? Honestly, don't waste your time. An embarrassment to Vegas.