Lillie's Asian Cuisine
Restaurant @ Golden Nugget Las Vegas
"Alexandro Julián"
A beautiful kitchen with red. Two chefs deal on food for customers against grills in such radiance where meat has gently been cooked until noise of steaming and perfection is heard throughout Lillie’s Asian Cuisine. Vegetables are combined from time to time when there’s natural flavor between warm metal grills and echoes of the hissing mass either chef uses to impress witnesses of teppanyaki near counters under so much glow, presentation, and a healthy fusion of Chinese and Japanese influence at the little joint in the Golden Nugget where general exotic forms are pleasing to my favor on their cost and performance. The door is shut after the stroke of twelve when it’s important for the restaurant to leave its fortune on glowing red decorations and frames with an Asian style to defense and overall train of midnight across from the business desk close to Starbucks. Meals are provided in style, complete detail, and good dishes which show true colors over beauty. Spring and training are ahead for the creative kitchen with the promise of yearly fortune and privilege. Human touch around the restaurant where drinkers of water and laughter gather by those glowing bars may serve as a reminder that the forms of things outside the joint and across from insiders get less static, less rigid because of the Asian kitchen’s harmony or dramatic output of life. I try to make sense of the environment before mileage leaves all casual mood in this soul of mine as high as LV’s city lights (which are fantastic to the point of recognition). Jellyfish noodles at Lillie’s have been exaggerated on with my server in dinner talk yet make for an excellent, cold dessert before me and a couple of fellow tourists from our bus dig into a Cantonese noodle’s foundation of egg, heat, and strings of texture. Soy sauce drips if not pours in elegance over choice dishes through prominence we take near firm pictures hanging on the grey or black wall every one of us possess as eye candy although they’re a great mythological influence for Fremont, 4th, and the Golden Nugget. Wine shall be redeemed excellent under the lit and shadowy roof. What’s common for one patron in the restaurant might be a rare opportunity for some drifter around the corner ever after. Chances are the perfect match among friends will remind such guys of ramen noodles with even more specialty involved while hotel guests sneak a peak through the hole in the wall to find marvelous food being enjoyed over wanderlust or actual spirits of demand. On my radar, the restaurant’s or kitchen’s list is full of Asian wonders by all means through professional execution, busy crowds, lovely decorations, and dishes which take Lillie’s risks of business to a whole new level of appetite- wine more costly than a noodle, brisk sips of water near teppanyaki at its cooking of a nice whiff.