Lu Lu
Barcel� Playa Tambor Resort & Casino Barcel� Playa Tambor Resort & Casino
Tambor Puntarenas
"Lu Lu"
Unfortunately our experience in this hotel started from the moment we checked in. The receptionist that helped us on our check in was Karla Barquero, she failed to explain where were the restaurant, and quickly told us the times, my mom asked her if she could write down the times so we wouldn’t forget and she took a deep breath and told us it was on the paper with the key. She never smiled or made us feel welcome while we were there, she just looked annoyed like she just wanted to leave. Sadly, this was not our only negative experience with the hotel, when we arrived in the room the bathtub had soap on the corners, and there was no towels in the room, the ac wasn’t working, the mini fridge was empty, and the door was not working. I told two staff member about this issues but nothing was done, my boyfriend had to go personally to the lobby and complain for them to finally do something about it. Our biggest disappointment was there was no WiFi, this was a huge inconvenience for me since I do all my work online. if I would have known WiFi was $14 a day, I would have booked somewhere else. The food was ok, not much variation. I only enjoyed the restaurant near the beach it had an amazing view. I personally would not recommend this hotel, I have been all over Costa Rica and this hotel needs major renovation, better customer service, and better food. The hotel is over crowded and it’s not relaxing at all. pool was filthy with people leaving cups behind.