Johnny Rockets
Restaurant @ Twin River Casino
"Sue Pinkham"
The only reason I give this one star is because there is nothing less to give them. I recently ordered a hamburger on a GLUTEN FREE roll, as advertised on their menu. I was told 3 times that the roll was definitely GLUTEN FREE. Well, it was not, in fact even though it listed UDI's GLUTEN FREE rolls on the menu the manager told me the next day they didn't have GLUTEN FREE rolls yet. Apparently, it wasn't important enough for Johnny Rockets to educate their staff on what they have and do not have on their menu. I spoke to the manager and he said, "You should've known it wasn't GLUTEN FREE"!!!! Really?? Your staff insisted 3 times it was GLUTEN FREE. I was told he would speak to his staff and call me back. He NEVER called me. I was sick for 3 days due the stupidity of the staff at this restaurant. This is unacceptable. Thank God it was not an allergy that could've killed me such as a peanut allergy. Johnny Rockets needs to educate their staff about food allergies. If you are going to be in the food service industry please take food allergies seriously. You could kill someone someday due to your ignorance. I was so sick, as I am a Celiac, and cannot tolerate gluten in my diet.