Turf Grill Turf Grill
Restaurant @ Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino
"Celeste Whitney"
I never share reviews and I’m The easiest going person alive but they truly ruined our vacation and slapped us in the face with how they didn’t resolve our (they’re) problem. Here’s the long story. We requested early check in which was verbally confirmed, we got there at noon, the girl told us the prior guests in our room (only suit left) were given a late check out at 12:30 and would be leaving any minute and they would have cleaning start ASAP and she recommended we wait in the lobby or by the pool (in our street close) because it “wouldn’t be long” we sat around and melted by the pool, kept checking back, waited in the lobby, walked around for 4 AND A HALF HOURS!! They told us time and time again it will be ready ASAP we kept asking for a manager to perhaps get us a different room (we paid extra for a suit but would have downgraded to get in a room) but the manager was not there and not one person could do anything!!? When no one could find us management we called and were told over the phone we would be in our room no later then 3:00. Finally the last lady we talked to said they approved the prior guests again an even LONGER check out time (knowing we had been there waiting) and didn’t leave until 3:09 PM! So we didn’t get in until 4:30 because they had to clean it for over an hour. So we were floored to hear how “courteous” they were to the prior guests at our expense. We had to cancel our day plans because we weren’t able to get ready. They suggested we go to the bathroom to change in a stall!! Um no thanks, I’m not on a backpack trip or laying my close out on your toilet. We are completely okay with dealing with their rules but it was the fact that 4 different employees gave us absolutely false information over and over. (Like, tell us to go see a movie on them because it’s going to take a while or at very least, to change into our swim suits and swim because it will take a while. Not “wait in the lobby because it will be any minute!”!!!!! Once in our room the cleaners forgot to leave any soap, shampoo, conditioner..anything which we didn’t notice until I was taking a shower and had nothing to use. The manager gave us a credit of $50 for room service and we are vegan and they literally didn’t have one single vegan option haha, we ended us getting a few side dishes that were completely gross! it was seriously such a slap in the face. They didn’t handle it maturely one single bit. I can at least feel lucky because we usually bring our 4 small children and it would have been a much bigger nightmare with them standing around for 4 hours so it was good it was at least just the two of us. It was almost a laughable deal.