Terra Verde
Restaurant @ Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino
"A Google User"
I live in the District Condos. Eating at Terra Verde occasionally I have had no problems. I ate there with my girlfriend on the evening of March 24th. The next morning I had the worst food poisoning I have ever had. I am a 6-5" 230 lb man and this brought me to my knees, literally, for 2 days. When I contacted Jerry the manager any the restauraunt he was very nice saying they would look into it and get back to me. They offered no refund on the dinner and to date has not called me back. I would NEVER eat there again. The restauraunt was almost empty the night we ate there and they must be cutting corners. The health board was notified. My advise... Stear clear of Terra Verde and go to Hanks or Presidio. I have only had food poision 3 times in my life and this was by far the worse.