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Feb 19 '18 at 3:37

Thai Asian

Let me preface this by saying the food is really good. However the service is subpar at best. We were a party of 5 and each ordered our own entrees. The first entree hit the table at 6:50 PM. The second entree hit the table at 7:05 PM. The third entree arrived at the table at 7:15. The final 2 entrees did not come to the table till almost 7:25. When I brought this to the manager's attention, he was indifferent and just said it's busy and that's the way it is. I told him that I watched several other tables that arrived around the same time as us receive all of their meals within a few minutes of each other if not all at the same time. He said that was not true. I told him I witnessed it with my own eyes. He laughed and said sorry as he walked away from our table. Nothing sincere or courteous from him or the rest of his staff. For a place that has 4.5 stars, highly disappointed!!!