Restaurant @ Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino
"Antonis Barbagianis"
Horrible experience. Came thinking it's one of their better restaurants. Food was mediocre. their tables were filthy and sticky. the worst part was towards the end I noticed my shirt was full of soy sauce. Thought in the beginning it was me not being careful. After i left with my wife , went to the casino she noticed the back of my shirt was full of soy sauce. When I went after and spoke to the manager and showed him my shirt he told " I don't know how you got that there".I told him that most likely one of your waiters spilled it on me( we did order dumplings and the the soy sauce was out of it's container and all over the place). The guy just stood there and I don't know how you did that. A simple apology would have been fine not to mention It was a white Burberry shirt. Definitely declining the charge