John Doe
Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"John Doe"
Absolutely the worst. My girlfriend immediately felt like she would be assaulted or raped here, we left the next day and switched hotels - manager lied to us and was a complete dick. refused to give us a refund for the nights we did not stay there because the manager lied when we checked out. Some creep with a flock of seagulls brown haircut in a $50 suit. Stole our money. The $20 sandwich is complete BS, they "upgrade" you if you just ask and the "upgraded" room is garbage anyway. bed was horrible, only 2 pillows on a king bed and they were flat and awful. We did not sleep, room was awful. Shower has no door. Absolutely no water pressure. Bathroom is disgusting. Entire place smells like smoke. No robe. shampoo and soap are in a permanent dispenser in the shower (gross). If you're a drunkard loser degenerate crackhead you'll love it, otherwise spend some extra money and enjoy your stay elsewhere. Again this is the most disgusting hotel I've ever seen, worst staff ever complete A-holes, $20 sandwich is a complete lie probably cooked up by the staff and posted in reviews to make extra $ off of suckers. you couldn't pay me to stay here again. Don't eat the food. Don't stay here. F this place. We're professionals from NYC so maybe our standards are higher than some loser from middle-of-nowhere but if you have half a brain go anywhere else.