Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
"Alan Cross"
We always make of point of eating here when we visit Las Vegas (2-3 times a year). I ordered a steak this time, asked to have it cooked medium. When I got the steak, about 4 bites in, I felt like I was chewing raw meat. I looked down at the steak (which was very pink for a medium steak), and in the middle of the pink was a dark red spot the size of a dime. I spit out what I had started eating. I ate some of my wife's steak, and when the waiter came back to clear the plates, he asked if my steak was good. I pointed out the issue, and he offered to replace it. I had already filled up somewhat adequately on half my wife's steak, along with the side dishes, so I declined. He came back and advised that the manager had approved a 50% discount on my steak. So, I paid 31 dollars for a steak I couldn't eat. That would be understandable if the side dishes were included in that cost, but they are a separate charge. I believe they could have, and should have, taken off the whole cost of the inedible steak. Not a pleasant experience.