Wetzel's Pretzel Wetzel's Pretzel
Restaurant @ Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs
"J Smith"
Hotel is fine, casino is horrible. Completely rigged as much as possible against the player. Slots are a joke. There are NEVER any jackpots on the casino floor and so-called "giveaways" and "contests" offer a POSSIBILITY of winning up to $100 free slot play. Seriously?? Wheel spins on their "MILLION DOLLAR" wheel have $15 cash payoffs. Player's Club is a TOTAL joke. Video poker play 6/5 pay tables. Electronic blackjack (a game offered on the multi-game video poker machines) pay 1:1 on a blackjack, a total joke. The only game where you have somewhat of a chance of winning is blackjack at the table, however minimums can be high, and it's multi-deck auto continuous shuffled. So even at that, your chances are worse than most other blackjack games. Have fun flushing your money down the drain on their electronic roulette. Countless other casinos throughout the country offer so much better odds to the player, better comps and player's clubs, and better atmosphere and food options. Indian Casinos are ALL ripoff establishments. Mohegan Sun Pocono was hit with a whopping $1 million dollar fine in December, 2017. Look it up. STAY AWAY.