Wetzel's Pretzel Wetzel's Pretzel
Restaurant @ Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs
"sherry gomez"
Beautiful place, great high end restaurants, beautiful rooms, has pool and weight room but off a main hall. Has spa that was expensive. Not very tribal. Not like CT. Great valet. Great hotel. Smaller then expected casino but still good. Jackpots small. Highest was 1600$ on slots. I like that when a jackpots is hit the lights in center of casino light up and is announced. Downfall sweepstakes was not for new players. Can not use CT Mohegan sun card here. Very nice bar in middle of casino. More for restaurants. Few tables. Only Johny rockets open for breakfast. Near strip malls. On main Rd. Close to everything you need. Beautiful room. Nice shower. Bell hop and check in employees helpful. Sitting area in hotel for computers. Only missing more tribal Indian theme.