Jean Jacques' Boulangerie
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
"Rosalie Williams"
If no stars were a rating. This place would get it. My fiancé and I ordered two breakfast sandwiches, waited 35 minutes for someone to tell us they never had a slip for our order, and asked for the manager and were told she was not in the facility. Then we asked the cashier for a refund, she stated “the manager has to do it”. When asked how long that would take (after waiting now 40min) she shrugged her shoulders and with an attitude said she didn’t know. The next cashier proceeded to give us an attitude because we asked her how long it would take for the manager to arrive and after 10 more minutes the manager comes. While she was very pleasant, she proceeded to give us a lecture about how we should not have been frustrated and take our frustrations out on a customer who couldn’t mind her business when we were handling the ordeal. Nice manager, terrible staff. Not sure how the food tastes because we never got to taste it.