Cafe Belle Madeleine Cafe Belle Madeleine
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
"Minna Kim"
The cheesecake was amazing. The service was incredibly lousy. I asked for one large and one small iced coffee. When the cashier rings me up, I tell her what I had ordered, and she looks at the beverages her coworker made and tells me I had ordered two iced lattes. After explaining my order again, she informed me that, "well these are iced lattes so you have to pay for them." Despite being polite and telling her that I simply ordered ice coffees so whatever the drinks were that they had made, I would take them so they didn't have to remake my drinks, but that I wanted to pay the price of iced coffees, what I had ordered and they had gotten wrong. In the end, she threw away the two drinks they had erroneously made and made one large iced coffee and then I'm pretty sure she proceeded to charge me for a large iced latte this point I was done being polite and explaining my order versus what they made and rang up so I just paid. There are no prices posted so who knows? The service at the little convience store next door was exceedingly better than the Cafe Belle.