K-Bar Steakhouse K-Bar Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Seven Feathers Casino Resort
"Jake Charlson"
The Craps table is on fire! I went down with my buddy who had a meeting and we checked the place out. Charlie Daniel's was playing and he out on a good show; it's impressive that he can still do what he does at 81. The concert venue was flat and divided into a bunch of sections with bleachers in the back and a long beer line. We stayed for about half of the show and went to play some craps. Met a few long time players, and an incredibly helpful staff showed us the finer points of the game. The place is plenty enjoyable, even for a younger crowd. I hear the buffet is incredible, about $20 for the seafood buffet on the weekends, but we were too busy winning, so we forgot to eat. Definitely check it out, maybe we'll see you there!