K-Bar Steakhouse K-Bar Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Seven Feathers Casino Resort
"Dreem Reeper"
I play slots pretty regularly. And have played at casinos in many states from the Midwest to the west coast. Stay away from this one. I regularly spend $300-$500 when I visit a casino. A few times a month. And usually every month or two, I get a hand pay. Anywhere from $1500 pretty often, to almost $10,000. I’ve been playing here at seven feathers for two years now, spending the same amount I’ve spent at other casinos, and I haven’t won a single hand pay here. This is literally the tightest casino I’ve played in my entire life. And if course their automated PR response will say “we’re sorry the slots weren’t paying your last visit, hope you have better luck next visit” Well, your generic reply is not valid in regard to my comment. I’ve been spending hundreds of dollars, multiple times per month, for two years, without a single hand pay. Whereas every other casino I’ve played at across the country would have given me several by now. and there’s no luck about it. You have extremely tight machines, and you know it.