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Apr 21 '18 at 22:11

Caribbean Cove

It is CLOSED! Stop reviewing this place from your visit 5 years ago!! I live here, and everyday see the water tubes which went from the indoor waterpark area...outside (they were enclosed)...back into the hotel waterpark...ARE HANGING OVER THE PARKING LOT AND HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS!!!. (Correction, I JUST drove by on 465. Those dangerous water tubes, which were hanging over the public, empty, parking lots, have been removed at their top exits, broken down to just the last tube sections entering the closed hotel. The exit holes at the top are boarded up, as well as the bit of tubing left to enter the old waterpark. Why they did not remove the last section of water tube....another mystery. But you can clearly see square plywood boards over these tube sections. Doubt they keep out the riff raff, though.) It is NOT "under construction" as an old, faded sign still barely hanging on the doors say. The place looks destined to be torn down. There is your "construction." Some people do work inside. That is a mystery to all. They are not hotel people. People in the area use the parking lots to meet and all use one car to go to work sites. Not THIS one, however! So give it up. Take it from a local who can see this hotel. Not a web travel site: CARRIBEAN COVE IS CLOSED FOR GOOD.