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The academics are great, and the class sizes are amazing. No complaints there. The problem is the dorms, parking, and meal plan. The bathrooms that 12 guys share are barley even cleaned once a week by the cleaning crew. They get extremely discusting. They slack off a lot at the end of the year. There's been stuff on the floor, and in the sinks for over a week and no one has came to clean the bathrooms. Seeing ROACHES and centipedes DORMS is UNACCEPTABLE. For the money it cost to go here you think they would clean the dorms, and actually fix roach issues. In some dorms, the starewells haven't even been cleaned this whole semester. Moving in on the first day and having to clean your own apartment is discusting. It's like they didn't even touch the room since the last people moved out. At least make it look clean! The parking pass price raised up even more, but yet if you want to drive anywhere during 8am-5pm your spot will be taken and you will have to hunt for 20 min at least to find one. With the meal plan, it is called unlimited. But you can not go 2 times in one period. Which is annoying if you just want a snack and then dinner later. And you can't even take your food to go!