Izakaya Izakaya
Restaurant @ Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
"james bond"
How do I begin? Very disappointed at this place, it's like they have no clue how to serve people. You sit down put in the order but before that it takes about 10 minutes for a waitor to come over to you. So they describe that you should order a bunch of tapas which is fine but they come out at different times. That's not a big deal either the biggest issue is making sure you get all your food that you ordered. Now let's get into the food, the food was below average as you can see from the images the edamame was brown upon ordering, the tacos were smaller than the taco tray that it was served on (quality was not achieved), and to top it off the server spilled a tray of dirty food all over one of my friends and ruined a pair of Hugo Boss jeans with grease. As someone who takes food and beverage very serious I would not suggest going to this establishment amazing food. Like I said the food is subpar and the price is outrageous. Staff is not that pleasant either. I will not be returning.