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May 1 '18 at 4:23

Casino Bar

Blaze Martinez
Their video poker is 'rigged' -- I have seen the internal screens showing the 'house hold' and 'theoretical hold' -- the house hold on many games was between 15-12%, when real hold should be 2%. This is ILLEGAL and the owners should be in PRISON. I have seen with my OWN EYES the actual hold, when an employee opened up the screen and went through the different settings. I was not supposed to see this, by the way, but I did. The SLOTS offer a better payback then the VIDEO POKER!!! I'll never be back. They lost one of their best customers, too. Scamming pieces of trash. People lose thousands if not millions playing their video poker and it's pure cancer. I have alerted the Colorado Gaming Commission of the video poker discrepancy. I will add that while the theoretical hold is around 2 to 2.5% for most games, usually the hold will be a little higher due to players not playing perfect strategy -- so 4-5% at the MOST should be expected. However, the hold I saw on the screens for dozens of games ranged from 8 to 15% -- with only ONE game out of many paying a "+" ratio of 4% in the favor of the player (a game that likely had hit a few more Royals than normal). This insane hold on these machines indicates they are rigged or something is wrong. NEVER play here again. Slots offer a better payback! How INSANE is that?