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Restaurant @ Seven Clans Casino Warroad
"Christina Friesen"
If I had my way, we would never go back to this restaurant since I have only been a few times and the last one was a really bad experience. My husband on the other hand has been many times and he wouldn't let this one experience stop him from returning. On out last visit - October 2012 - A Monday night supper Once inside we could see they were really busy but as we sat down they didn't mention that the wait would be really long or anything so we weren't worried. It ended up being over 1.5 hours before our food arrived and by then, we had to scarf it down so fast and we were starving so that makes it a bit harder to comment on the food. I think it was good, but who knows, maybe I was just starving. The waitress started out very friendly but she must have gotten tired in the two hours we were there because her attitude had changed by the time we left. We felt that the worst part aside from the wait, was the lack of communication from our waitress, we really had no idea how long we would be waiting. When we were paying, I asked the girl at the till if she thought it would be "fair for us to get a discount since we waited over 1.5 hours for our food and had now been there 2 hours." She said "oh yes, definitely we can do something, I just have to get approval, one moment." When she came back, she came back very apologetically and said she wasn't able to give us a discount. She was very friendly and you could tell this girl felt really bad, but her manager had told her no discount so there wasn't anything she could do. We had spent that day driving and had already driven 9 hours but being 6 months pregnant, I really wanted to have a sit down meal not just something from the Holiday. It was really unfortunate that we had another two hours to go before we got home and since I had waited so long to eat, and had eaten so fast by the time we got the food, I had terrible heartburn for the rest of the way home. As for previous visits to this restaurant, they have been fairly good and my husband will say they have the best soup around! (although my bowl was only just warm for this visit.) I would then, recommend visiting this restaurant (despite my dislike for it now) based on previous experiences here. However, if it appears to be really busy, you'd be better off going somewhere else. They don't seem to have staff to match the size of the restaurant.