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Mar 20 '18 at 15:49


Booked through open table, never had a problem before, but just in case I called a few hours in advance to confirm my reservation. I tell them my name and reservation time and they can not find it. I read them the reservation number and they had it booked for Monday the 19th. I booked it for Sunday the 18th. We get there and we are seated, (the place is so empty, not sure why we needed reservations. the bread was stale and had little gnats in it. The Absolute vodka martini was absolutely watered down. The manager comes over and apologizes, proceeds to get me another martini, that had absolute in it this time but I still had to pay for both. The Osso Bucco was like a salt lick. The Ravioli was frozen not fresh, overall, over priced, and I will not be returning to this restaurant. What shame. On top of all that, i don't even get credited for going there because since they screwed up my booking it looks as if I never went.