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Nov 27 '14 at 7:42
the staff here made us feel as if we put them out while we waited 10 mins just to be seated (mind you, there was only 2 other people waiting to be seated as well) then, the waitress whom took the order didn't know what french fries were. to top if off, tree other people who came in after we did got their orders quit a bit before we did. this has nothing to do with whether or not someone else gets their food slower or quicker but yet more about whether or not the server hates their job and will take it out on you. note to all service people out there, if you hate your job then find a different one, you're not a tree, you're not planted, you can move. the person who sits at your seat is probably having a crappy day just as much as you are. remember, you're most likely going to get treated the way you treat others